MARCO Lamine S.r.l. MARCO Lamine S.r.l. was established in 1973 by Mr. Monti and Mr. Faraoni. The company is responsible for the production of metal supports (shanks) for footwear made of hardened steel and the commercialization of metallic accessories, such as metal plates and rivets; in recent years the company has added to its shank production range a type in fiberglass material, called TRU-FIT, which is made of a material produced in The U.S.A., of which Marco Lamine holds the exclusivity for Europe.
“Even the shoes have a soul”; is the slogan that best represents the product offered by Marco Lamine, born from the awareness of the importance of this small accessory inside the shoe.
The company policy is based mainly on a high- quality product and on customer needs satisfaction; in recent years a special attention has also been paid to sustainability as to environment.
To achieve these objectives, to achieve these goals, the company has been experiencing a
constant improvement and updating of the production process, by investing in research and technology and by acquiring in the van machinery for this industry both to be found on the market as well as designed and manufactured directly at the factory; the company has also an internal workshop with skilled staff so to guarantee, in short time, new moulds and anything else required
by the customers.
Over the years, the shoe market has constantly evolved with a growing demand for customized
and high quality manufactured products made to respect the quality standards reported on the
various international regulations. Marco Lamine has paid much attention to all this and has devoted a lot of resources, both human and financial ones, in order to be able to offer a product on the market that could meet all the needs required and while being meanwhile extremely competitive both in quality, production timing and price.
Thanks to all this nowadays Marco Lamine has achieved first-rate quality standards, becoming one of the leading companies in the global industry, exporting its products all over the world and has become a reference point for all the competitors.
During all these years Marco Lamine was also appreciated for having developed a closely related to the footwear industry machinery, that is the automatic cutting machine MTA (patented) that still does not rival with regard to the cutting of insoles and heel seat linings with cutting die.